The Signature - De Waterkant

Although surrounded by the great natural beauty and outdoor opportunities of Cape Town’s mountainscapes, De Waterkant’s particular appeal is cultural. This rainbow village, much loved by the gay community, is possibly the most progressive, tolerant and vibrant in the whole of the Mother City.


De Waterkant is where you’re free to be yourself, no matter who you are.  In fact,  it’s probably the funnest, funkiest, and most flamboyant little district in the entire southern hemisphere!


It’s where the Fan Mile to the Cape Town Stadium gets fanned into life with flamboyant displays and parades and carnivals, big match-day derbies and super rock-star concert crowds.


It’s where art galleries and dance halls and jazz clubs thrive.


It’s where the streets come alive after dark and twinkle on in numerous pubs, clubs and dives till well after sunrise.


It’s where you can stroll to a decent restaurant every night of the week, and not repeat a dining experience in a month of Sundays. Where cafes and bistros and trattorias of all sorts spill out over cast-iron railings onto cobbled pavements.


Where you can tickle your cosmopolitan palate with Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Turkish, American, Bedouin, Cuban and Moroccan delights.


Where the rivalry between Cape Town’s two great coffee roasters, Origin and Truth, will have you imbibing some of the greatest artisanal brews on the planet, trying to make up your mind which is your favourite.


It’s a hot spot. It’s a cool spot. It’s a melting pot.


It’s an awesome place to live.